Friday, 18 March 2016

Getting Older and How To Keep Young & Healthy

Last week I turned 33 and once I had snapped out of my mini meltdown of getting older and not being able to control this (and the not so fine lines/wrinkles that keep appearing) I decided to change my outlook and embrace ageing in style. Here are my top tips for a healthy mind and body that I'm going to stick to going forward..

1/ Give yourself some time in your day to relax - have a bath, meditate for 10 minutes, read a chapter of your book, put a face mask on, do your nails, watch some trashy tv - anything that relaxes and gives you a bit of precious time out.

2/ Eat a good breakfast every morning. This isn't hard for me as I LOVE breakfast but if you can make time in the morning for some eggs or porridge it really will give you that much needed boost everyone needs on a morning. Failing that make a smoothie or take some fruit if you're heading out early. 

3/ Exercise. Annoying as it is if we want to look and feel good we need to work out regularly - I aim for 3 x 30 minute gym sessions (I follow Chloe Madeleys fitness plan) and 2 x Pilates classes a week and then walking the dog daily. There are weeks when I can't be bothered or run out of time but when I do stick to this routine I instantly feel happier, stronger and have more energy. Less thinking about it, just do it! 

4/ Get out in the garden. Spring is coming (thank god!) and our garden is currently looking like a jungle of weeds. There's something so satisfying about being out in the fresh air getting your hands dirty and then seeing the results of your hard work when the flowers or veggie patch starts growing.

5/ Sleep! Who doesn't love a good nights  sleep? When you have a baby the recommended 8 hours a night goes out the window but now Max is sleeping through I annoyingly don't need as much sleep as I used to..however I could do with switching my phone off earlier and trying to go to sleep before midnight as sleep is one of the best things for your body. Night night..

6/ Drink water..lots of it. I used to drink so much water when I worked in an office-probably just so I could have a gossip at the water machine-but since having Max it's more tea and coffee so I'm trying really hard to drink 8 glasses a day..which is also good for reducing snacking as downing a glass of water every hour is pretty filling! Water is amazing for your skin, flushes any toxins out and keeps your body nice and hydrated. Drink up! 

7/ Smile :-) This is bittersweet because smiling probably increases wrinkles but nothing beats a friendly face and I'd rather have a happy face than a smooth one (did I just say that..) There are days when we can't always smile and quite frankly don't want to but if we can try to find the positives, no matter how small, I reckon we will all be happier, healthier and look a lot younger!

What keeps you young and healthy? 
Sarah ❤️

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