Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Birthday Lust List

Next month is my birthday (how the hell am I going to be 33?!) so I thought I would put together a little wish list of things I have been eyeing up this year. We can all dream can't we ;-) 

Olivia Burton Big Dial White and Grey Watch - £80.00
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pencil Pink Venus - £16.00
Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick - £23.00
Missy Empire Star Print Loungewear - £29.00
H&M Workout Leggings - £19.00
H&M Workout Fleece Jacket - £23.00
Apple iPhone 6S Incase Pop Case Purple - £29.95
Shellac Starter Kit - Amazon - £39.00
The Second Love Of My Life - Victoria Walters - £7.99

What's on your wish list this month?


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Me Do

Happy valentines everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely day celebrating the day of love..which I have grown to think is a load of crap to be honest-spending double the price on flowers, chocolates and cards when all that needs to be said to the special people in your life is quite simply...I love you ❤️ Love doesn't cost a thing and should be expressed more in everyday life. Here are my top tips to show someone you care (which can be done any day of the week, any time of the year!)

1/ Say I love you when saying goodbye

2/ Hug -  hugs are the best

3/ Make a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/their favourite drink

4/ Smile and say thank you

5/ Give a compliment when they least expect it

6/ Do that boring task you know they hate for them (take the bin out, empty the dishwasher, make the bed...the list goes on!)

7/ Listen - to how their day was, to a rubbish joke, to a story you've heard a million times, whatever it is just listen :-)

8/ Get in touch - text, phone, Facebook-the ways to communicate is endless and don't have to take long-a quick chat or text can make all the difference

9/ Laugh-with each other and not at each other obviously!

10/ Be kind..always

Happy Valentines xxx 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tips for Travelling with a Toddler!

Hi guys!

I'm going to try blogging once a week to run alongside my vlogging so I hope you enjoy!

This week are my top tips for travelling with a toddler as we have just returned from Tenerife and the flight was certainly a challenge!

1/ Mr Tumble, The Tweenies and RaRa on the iPad were a godsend - we downloaded a load of episodes and let him watch a couple (or ten) during the flight so your child's favourite CBeebies programme is a must have!

2/ Take plenty of snacks-crackers, slices of apple, babybel, fruit or yoghurt pouches and boxes of raisins are perfect for keeping them amused and are good for the landing-chewing and sucking are what they want to be doing to help ease the pressure on their ears

3/ Make sure you have enough milk for the flight especially for landing, the crew only have a limited supply of milk (well they did on Thomson) so pack an extra beaker or bottle just in case

4/ When you board the plane ask one of the crew that if a row of three seats is going spare please could they let you know- we did this and were lucky enough to get a row to ourselves which helped a lot having a spare seat for Max to sit/play on without having to pay the extra charge 

5/ Sticker books and pop up books are great and kept Max entertained for that little bit longer-what is it about stickers?!

6/ Take a blanket and your little ones favourite/bedtime cuddly toy-ideally you want them to sleep so anything that helps them sleep at home bring it all on the plane with you!

I hope these little tips help if you're about to embark on a flight-keep calm, relax and take it in turns to entertain/soothe/walk up and down the aisle a million times and before you know it you'll be there...oh and order a G&T as soon as you take off ;-)