Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tips for Travelling with a Toddler!

Hi guys!

I'm going to try blogging once a week to run alongside my vlogging so I hope you enjoy!

This week are my top tips for travelling with a toddler as we have just returned from Tenerife and the flight was certainly a challenge!

1/ Mr Tumble, The Tweenies and RaRa on the iPad were a godsend - we downloaded a load of episodes and let him watch a couple (or ten) during the flight so your child's favourite CBeebies programme is a must have!

2/ Take plenty of snacks-crackers, slices of apple, babybel, fruit or yoghurt pouches and boxes of raisins are perfect for keeping them amused and are good for the landing-chewing and sucking are what they want to be doing to help ease the pressure on their ears

3/ Make sure you have enough milk for the flight especially for landing, the crew only have a limited supply of milk (well they did on Thomson) so pack an extra beaker or bottle just in case

4/ When you board the plane ask one of the crew that if a row of three seats is going spare please could they let you know- we did this and were lucky enough to get a row to ourselves which helped a lot having a spare seat for Max to sit/play on without having to pay the extra charge 

5/ Sticker books and pop up books are great and kept Max entertained for that little bit longer-what is it about stickers?!

6/ Take a blanket and your little ones favourite/bedtime cuddly toy-ideally you want them to sleep so anything that helps them sleep at home bring it all on the plane with you!

I hope these little tips help if you're about to embark on a flight-keep calm, relax and take it in turns to entertain/soothe/walk up and down the aisle a million times and before you know it you'll be there...oh and order a G&T as soon as you take off ;-)

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